How to create a viable team in any situation!

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Big shout out to ‘MaddMaxx’ who I was chatting to the other day on Discord, and he was saying that something which would be useful especially for new or F2P players is a breakdown of how to approach building a team. For example, why do certain teams need two taunts when others use one? Where do healers fit in? How do I counter a certain type of team on my shard/leader-board?

Now I think the first thing to be aware of is that there is no one good team for all occasions, and every team can and will be countered, so it is impossible for me to tell you the exact team that will work for you. What I can do however is try and help you to work out how you can construct your own teams that can be viable in whichever game mode you are looking to succeed in.

Firstly, you need to pick the leader for your team. The attached picture is a complete list of leaders in the game, sorted by category. Obviously some provide bonuses to more heroes than others, for example Old Ben gives evade to all heroes whereas Darth Maul only gives evade to other Sith characters. (Note also that some of these are still not working as they should, just to add to the confusion). I would say the best way to pick your leader is to work out exactly the type of team you are looking to build (which should usefully fall into one or more of the leader categories). Each phase of the raid has different types of teams that are good, Galactic War is about surviving and Arena is about countering the other teams, so I’ll start there because it’s probably the most complicated area.

In arena, it’s important to look at what the majority of other teams around your rank are doing. If they are all running Royal Guard, you want to try and put a debuffing character on your team like Qui-Gon Jinn. Likewise if you are facing a lot of QQJ yourself, you might want to consider running two taunts so that you should always have at least one of them up to protect your other characters. In general, the following statements are true:

Stun is strong against Counter

Counter is strong against AoE

AoE is strong against Multiple Taunt 

Multiple Taunt is strong against a Single Debuffer

A Single Debuffer is strong against a Single Taunt

One or more taunts is strong against a team without a debuffer

Assist Teams are strong against Counters

Debuff Clearing Heroes are strong against Stuns

Stealth teams are strong against counters

AoE dispel is strong against stealth

Counters are strong against double/ triple taps

Evade is strong against single, high-damage ability characters

Assist is relatively strong against Evade

Stun can make stealth characters vulnerable

As you can see, every type of team is strong against others and weak against others, which is what makes for an interesting game!

Okay, so we’ve looked at the types of teams that might be on your leader-board. As an example, lets say that I’m having trouble beating a team consisting of an Old Ben Lead, Royal Guard, Fives, First Order Stormtrooper and Leia. This is a pretty strong team that is using an Evade leader, a Single Taunt, 2 Counters and a high damage Stealth attacker. Looking at the rules above we need to see what is strong against these types of characters. We can see that assist teams are good against counter attackers and also fairly good against evades. We can see that stuns are strong against both counter attackers and stealth characters. This is a good place to start! There is no stun-based leader, and only two assist based leaders. I’m going with Phasma because she has a very good set of abilities and a lot of health too.

So, we’ve picked our leader and we still really need a stun character to deal those counters and hopefully stop Leia before she can taunt too. With Phasma calling assists, it would be great if we could use a character that stunned on a basic attack to give us even more chances to stun! This is where sites like SWGOH.GG come in super handy, as you can search for stun characters and look at them in closer detail! So I’ve done that, and found two characters that can consistently stun on their basic attacks, Royal Guard and Old Daka. Royal Guard can taunt too, and as the other team doesn’t have a debuffer that’s even better!!

So our team is really coming together at this point, we are countering most of the other team but none of our characters are really going to do a lot of damage to them. I would always recommend at least 2 high-dps attacks for an arena team, just because otherwise that 5 minutes might not be long enough to get the win even if you are not loosing health at all! So here I’m going to pick Qui-Gon Jinn because he is one of the best characters in the game, has a debuff which we can use against that pesky Royal Guard and also has a call to assist which helps get our two stunners into play.

For our final character, we could either go with just an all out DPS machine like Rey to just deal crazy damage, or a fairly high damage character that has some utility too. My pick here would be geonosian soldier as he hits pretty hard and yet again has an assist ability to benefit all the other assists we’ve got going on in the team.

Our Team is complete!! As you can see, this general process and these general rules can be used to create decent teams for different purposes. Before making any team, try and pinpoint what you want them to be doing. Do you need them to strip turn meter from an opponent (Raids)? Do  you need to survive through multiple battles (GW)? In each of these situations your criteria for building a team has changed and therefore you need to apply this process in order to create the most viable team.

I hope this helps, if you have any more questions drop me a PM on Discord.




3 thoughts on “How to create a viable team in any situation!

  1. Great post, thank you for writing this! I think I was one of the people MaddMaxx was talking to right before he and you started discussing it. I’m on TS discord as Force Bee, in TS Pi, and just wanted to give you kudos for this.


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